Congress Topics

Technologies and services for access to information and communication

Assistive devices and applications that provide access to people with disabilities to desktop and mobile commercial computers and to the services rendered, including the web.

Human-Computer Interaction

Methodologies, applications, devices and tools, user interfaces, etc. designed to enable interaction of people with disabilities with smart machines (PCs, tablets, smartphones, and robots, among others), haptic technology.

Assistive technologies

Devices, tools and technologies in general (including software) designed to improve personal autonomy, abilities, and interaction with all aspects of life (home, work, leisure, and sports, among others).

Teleassistance and Telecare: Prolonging Active Life

Teleassistance and Telecare applications, products and models designed to promote active and healthy aging.

Digital Home and Independent Living

Meaningful experiences in improving personal autonomy and independent living using accessible technologies and solutions.

Robotics for Personal Autonomy

Robotic-based products and services designed to address functional deficits, provide assistance and/or rehabilitation, such as prosthetics, ortheses, wearables, exoskeletons, robot assistants, interfaces and cognitive and physical interaction paradigms.

Data and Artificial Intelligence for New and Better Services

Use of Big Data for Data Analytics, Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, etc. providing new and better services adapted to users, with special focus on the improvement of the quality of life of the elderly and people with disability.

Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality and Mix Reality

Applications helping people with special needs in their daily life. 

Smart City

Sustainable and integral systems for Smart Cities based on expectation and needs of the population.

Learning and Collaboration Technologies

Strategies, procedures and tools designed to support customizable, collaborative, inclusive and accessible education with the aid of social networks, open learning initiatives, gaming technologies, learning analytics, and customizable educational environments, among others.

Transport and Mobility for Diversity

Devices, applications and services designed to make transportation use and mobility easier according to cognitive, sensorial and physical abilities of users.

Accessible Tourism

Technological solutions and tools designed to improve tourism experience including travel planning, booking, transportation, accommodation and enjoyment of destination according to the diverse needs, age and interests of tourists.

Regulations and regulations relating to tourism

Iniciativas que fomenten la creación de normativas que asegure el acceso al turismo para todas las personas. Así como la puesta en común de las normas existentes para que sirvan de ejemplo y de buenas prácticas.

Accessibility in Hotels and Museums

Buenas prácticas, iniciativas, aplicaciones, etc en el ámbito de los alojamientos turísticos y en los entornos museísticos y expositivos

Accessibility in the cultural and natural heritage

Buenas prácticas e iniciativas relativas al turismo para todas las personas llevadas a cabo en el patrimonio cultural y en el entorno natural

Tourist activities for all

Actividades turísticas y de ocio desarrolladas y puestas a disposición del turista de modo que todas las personas puedan acceder a ellas y disfrutarlas

Accessibility to tourist information

Iniciativas y buenas prácticas llevadas a cabo para que la información turística sea accesible para todas las personas (lectura fácil, aplicaciones, páginas web, señalización, etc…)