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IV International Congress on Technology and Tourism for Diversity

15-19 November 2021, online

Tourism is the driving force behind the economies of many countries, including Spain. Taking accessibility into account means an increase in opportunities for the sector, as it will be possible to reach a segment of the market which, despite the progress made, is still underserved.

The desire of all people to travel should not be curtailed because they have not been taken into consideration in the development of tourism products and services. But the opportunity for tourism entrepreneurs to make more profit should not be neglected either.

The situation caused by COVID-19 and the consequent lockdowns and restrictions on mobility have led to an alarming cooling of tourism worldwide with very negative economic repercussions in countries where tourism is one of the main sources of income, as in the case of Spain, where it represented 15% of GDP before the pandemic.

Once this situation is overcome, there will be fierce competition to regain the previous figures, and even increase the number of visitors. And this is where accessibility can be a key element and an added value that differentiates it from other competing destinations. Quality will be a factor and to achieve this, technology is a key element.

From 15 to 19 November this year, the 4th International Congress on Technology and Tourism for Diversity will take place in a virtual format. At the ONCE Foundation we consider it an opportunity for business people, entrepreneurs, students, trainers, users, etc, to share and learn about good practices, new ideas, new perspectives, solutions and the advances that technology, smart destinations and support products offer to improve the quality of life of all people. The capacity for adaptation, resilience, companies, training curricula, etc., will be enriched if it includes accessibility, as it will be a competitive advantage, offering a quality that others do not have.

The format of this Congress will be entirely virtual to adapt to the post-pandemic situation. It will be offered in an attractive format and in afternoon sessions in order to achieve greater international participation (Latin America, Asia, the United States, etc...).

We want to continue to be a reference in technology, tourism and accessibility. Topics related to Tourism and Technology applied to Tourism will be discussed, but also topics specific to each field such as robotics, human-machine interaction, 3D printing, telemedicine, telecare, exoskeletons, wearables, videogames, accessibility to digital leisure and culture, transport and mobility, smart cities and destinations, etc. To this end, we will have international and national speakers and activities will be programmed to encourage the participation of the attendees. In addition to having a networking space that facilitates, as has always been our objective, the exchange of knowledge.

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