Asunción Fernández-Villarán

Professor from the Tourism Department at Universidad de Deusto (UD)

She holds a PhD in Economics and Business, a Master in Advanced Management in the UD and a Master in Marketing and Tourism in the UNED. Currently, she leads the Tourism research team in the UD, appreciated  by the Basque Government as an excellence group. For 9 years she was the Tourism Department Manager at the UD. The areas in which she lectures are related to tourism, marketing  and  business economy. Her research is focused on business management, strategic planning, tourism innovation, and tourism for all, with the aim of improving  management and quality of life. She has been involved in various projects for accessible tourism, smart destinations, intermediation and destinations´ competitiveness through golf, gastronomic  or industrial tourism. She has participated in international congresses and published books, chapters and papers in tourism intermediation, marketing and accessibility.