Carlos Sánchez

Accesibilidad al Medio Físico, Fundación ONCE

Mining Engineer (Universidad Politécnica de Madrid) and Master Programme in Accessible Technologies by Universidad Internacional de La Rioja.

After an extensive experience in structure calculations, Carlos works since 2006 at the Directorate of Universal Accessibility and Innovation of Fundación ONCE, specifically at the Department of Accessibility in the Built Environment.

Technical coordinator of projects related to entrepreneurship with social impact, aimed at improving the living conditions of people with disabilities (specific call at Fundación ONCE) and their visibility at key events (SouthSummit, Shop2B Impact Forum, among others).

During many years, Carlos has been involved in several projects in the spheres of Universal Accessibility, Urbanism, Architecture and Transports. He has also coordinated different publications about social research related to Universal Accessibility (as the Observatory of Universal Accessibility).