Carmen Juan Jorques

Institutional Relations Manager at Visualfy

Carmen Juan is Institutional Relations Manager at Visualfy, a company that creates technology, based on artificial intelligence and machine learning, for deaf people and institutions committed to accessibility. The company has been declared Best for the World 2018 and 2019 by the international organization Bcorp, recognizing its social impact.

She is also vice president of FESORD C.V Foundation, a deaf people association defending the rights of the deaf community and pursuing the goal of ensuring compliance with the law.

As a passionate professor and a Sign Language specialist, she has already reached the age of maturity teaching in a public center, being an LSE teacher in LSE Interpretation and Communication Mediation cycles. For many years she has been involved in the development of teaching materials to train, sensitize and raise awareness in society.

In short, Carmen has always been there to make deaf people visible, a group that goes unnoticed by the distracted look of our society.