Chloé Devred

Business developer at Picto Access

As business developer for Picto Access, I am in charge of prospecting and getting into contact with collectivities and companies both in France and globally. 

My studies in international business enhanced that I needed to work for something that would make sense for me, that is how I got to Picto Access.

Accessibility is a subject I am very sensitive to. As many people I faced the issues linked to the lack of autonomy in their mobility for the people having specific needs, both personally and with my relatives. And I have been shocked by how hard life is for all of these people. In nowadays societies, it is, in my opinion, a shame to say to someone he cannot go to the cinema or access to a public service once this person is in front of the door !

Working for Picto Access is for me a way to improve the life of millions of people, and what a better aim could I have ? 

I think that working for a cause that counts for you is the best motivation you can have.