Diego Soriano

Position: Project manager at CENTAC (National Centre for Accessibility Technologies)

Bio: Telecommunications Engineer by Universidad Politécnica de Madrid. He participated in the creation of Goya Telematic Services, one of the first Internet providers in Spain. Member of IEEE since 1992. Managed the multimedia production services of Lab Cdi. Responsible for the development of Telefónica Transmisión de Datos group work systems. He participated in the software development of Ecuality, one of the first e-commerce projects in Spain. He held managerial positions at Telefónica Publicidad e Información, later Yell Publicidad, being responsible first of all for electronic products such as www.paginasamarillas.es, then voice services such as 11888 and finally for all the company's production systems. He is currently a project manager at CENTAC (National Centre for Accessibility Technologies), where he contributes his knowledge of the ICT sector to the different projects and initiatives that are developed, such as the Intelligent Integrated Space.