Estrella Torrecilla Crespo

General Director of Tourism in Castilla y León

Graduated in Business and Tourism Activities (TEAT) at the Universidad Rey Juan Carlos (Salamanca) and official Tour Guide in Castilla y León region.

Estrella set up INZATUR CB, at the age of 22, the first enterprise focused on tourism services in Zamora. Among the services available there were congresses, technical offices, tour guides, hostesses. Twenty years ago, this business became INZATUR SL, being Estrella its sole director during the last 19 years. INZATUR leads the management of the tourism office in Zamora, being Estrella also responsible for it. During this period, Estrella took on the implementation of the SICTED programme (quality for tourism destinations) in Zamora region.

Estrella is President of the Tourism Table in the business platform Zamora 10 and General Director of Tourism in Castilla y León since August 2019.