Hugo Furtado

Dreamwaves CEO

Hugo Furtado holds a Masters degree in electrical engineering and a PhD in the field of Augmented Reality in Surgery. He has a strong technical background in engineering, programming, virtual and augmented reality, having worked both in the industry as well as in scientific organizations.

In the course of his PhD he developed a prototype for visualization of catheters inside the human body during minimally invasive cardiac surgery, using augmented reality, as part of the Marie Curie EC project ARIS*ER - Augmented Reality in Surgery.

He worked as a post-doc researcher at the Medical University of Vienna in the field of real-time tumor motion tracking using 2D/3D image registration and deformable image registration for adaptive radiotherapy planning.

Currently, Hugo is the CEO of Dreamwaves, a company developing an intuitive audio navigation application for blind and visually impaired people.