Jesús Fernández Lozano

Professor, Department of Systems and Automation Engineering of the Universidad de Malaga

Industrial Engineer (University of Malaga, 1997) and Industrial Engineer Doctor (University of Malaga, 2002).

In his research activity he has worked on applications of robotics and mechatronics to various fields, from surgery to intelligent vehicles, highlighting in recent years the applications to mobility and autonomous and connected vehicle, but also to search missions and rescue. As a result of this work, together with publications in magazines and congresses, the registration of 11 patents for the University of Malaga, 7 of them transferred to the industry, stands out. He has also developed teaching innovation projects, such as the Summer School in Mechatronics, a joint project of the University of Malaga, the Technische Universitaet Dresden (Germany) and the Brno University of Technology (Czech Republic) within the Erasmus Intensive Programs call. He teaches robotics, control and fault tolerance subjects at the University of Málaga.

Director (2012-2017) and Deputy Director (2004-2012) of the Higher Technical School of Industrial Engineering of the University of Malaga (2012-2017).