Jonathan Chacon

Developer and researcher in accessibility, usability and new technologies defends the concepts of universal design and accessibility as quality criteria in software and hardware.

He defends the idea of an accessible design from the base avoiding patches and maintains the idea of technology as the only way to achieve a truly inclusive society for all since we all have capacities and disabilities.

Spread and share the idea of responsible technology for and by people. He has worked as a consultant, developer and technological researcher in biometrics, computer vision, intelligent user interfaces projects, always following the philosophy of design for all. He is currently a senior accessibility software engineer at Cabify, redesigning and developing services and interfaces to make them inclusive and accessible to everyone.

He has published several applications on the AppStore under his label Tyflos Accessible Software and articles on accessibility, usability and technology on his website Program blindly as well as contributor to articles and research books, designer and developer for educational and inclusive projects.