Jordi Montaña

President of Fomento de las Artes y el Diseño, FAD.

Emeritus Professor ESADE-URL

Rector of the University of Vic - Central University of Catalonia from July 2010 to July 2018.

President of the Communication Commission of Spanish Universities.

Ordinary professor at ESADE, professor at the Ramon Llull University, and director of the ESADE Chair in Design Management.

Doctor from the Polytechnic University of Catalonia and Master in Business Administration and Management from ESADE. Industrial Engineer from ETSIIB, postgraduate at Bradford University and IMD where he studied industrial marketing and innovation management.

His profile is a mix of entrepreneur, manager and consultant in public and private companies, teacher and researcher, communicator and active participant in social institutions.

During his professional career he has continued an intense teaching activity that has been combined with consulting work on issues related to marketing strategies, mainly industrial marketing, innovation, product development, design management and brand management in the field of companies ( HP, Manpower, Sony Industrial Division, Hispaniola, Novartis, Nestlé, Simon, ACB, MAT Group companies, etc.) and institutions, public and private, both nationally and internationally, among which the Ministry of Industry should be highlighted. of Nicaragua, Ministry of Development of Venezuela, the United Nations Organization for Industrial Development (UNIDO), the Inter-American Development Bank and the European Commission. He was a member of the group of design experts at OHIM (“Office for Harmonization in the Internal Market”), the European Union body for the registration of Community design and trademarks. He has collaborated as a technical expert in international litigation on trademarks and designs (e.g. in Lexmark vs HP, Lindows vs Microsoft or Samsung vs Apple).

For years he has maintained a strong business activity. At the beginning of the eighties he founded the company "QUOD Diseño y Marketing, S.A.", of which he was CEO until 1991. He was Founder and CEO of Ingeniería Cultural S.A. in the same period. He was chairman of the board of "Integral Design and Development, S.A." engineering and design company derived from “International Automotive Design”. Executive President of EUMO Editorial, S.A. and of "Eumogràfic, S.A."

He has been an advisor to the Institute of Small and Medium Industrial Enterprises (IMPI), Ministry of Industry, on design management issues, and he actively participated in the development of the Plan for the Promotion of Industrial Design in Spain, after the White Paper on Design in Catalonia of which he was the author. He was the promoter of the State Society for the Development of Design and Innovation (DDI) of which he was general director for three years from its foundation, continuing the collaboration until the integration in ENISA (National Innovation Company) ”.

In the field of foundations and associations he was president of ADI-FAD; technical director, member of the Board of Trustees and of the Executive Committee of the BCD Foundation, member of the board and treasurer of the “Design for the World” foundation, member of the “Design for All Foundation” and member of “Artesanía de Catalunya”. He was a member of the "Academy of Marketing Science" and the "Design Management Institute" (USA). He is a member and actively participates in the Círculo de Economía, the Círculo de Cultura, the SEBAP, the Círculo del Liceo, Barcelona Global and the Catalan Academy of Gastronomy and Nutrition.

He began uninterrupted activity in the field of teaching as a professor at ESADE, later he was attached to the dean and for eight years assumed the direction of the Department of Marketing Management of the institution. At the same time, he attended prestigious universities as visiting professor, including the “École de Hautes Études Commerciales (Groupe HEC)” in Paris, the “Institute of Science and Technology (UMIST)” University of Manchester, the "Wissenschafti ¬che Hochschule für Unternehmensführung "in Koblenz, the" Art Center College of Design ", Pasadena, California, the" Copenhagen Business School ", the" Universita 'Bocconi "in Milan or the" EAFIT "in Medellín, Colombia. In the field of cooperation, among others, he was a professor at the UCA of Managua and San Salvador at the hand of his parish priest, the murder Ignacio Ellacuria, from the “India Management Institute”, director of the “DEADE” program in Cuba (a joint program of LSE, HEC and ESADE) and dean of the “Euroarab Business School” (a foundation of the EU and the Arab League based in Granada). He actively participated in the creation of the "CEMS (Community of European Management Schools)" and the "Interfaculty Groups (IFG)". He was the first chairman of the IFG of Marketing and participates in the IFG of Design.

He has published numerous research books on marketing and design, in Spain and the United Kingdom, as well as many articles and essays in the media and in scientific and academic journals, actively participating as a speaker at the most important national and international seminars and conferences that on the subject have been held in recent years. He was vice president of the advisory board of The Conversation Spain, a platform for publishing academic texts for dissemination in international media.

He received the 'Marketing Trends Award 2010' for his contribution to research in design, innovation and marketing, at the 9th International Congress Marketing Trends, the "Gold Award" at the 10th Annual Meeting of NACRA (North American Case Research Association), the Honorary Degree from the ESERP School of Business and Social Sciences and the title of Honorary Member of the European Higher Council of Doctors in 2016.

During his 8-year mandate as rector of the University of Vic-Central University of Catalonia, he achieved the federation of the Manresa and Vic campuses, the creation of the headquarters in Granollers and the UVic-UCC Faculty of Medicine. He has promoted the doctoral program in design and communication in the AQU verification process to be developed at the BAU design school, which is a center attached to the UVic-UCC.

He is a recognized person in business, academic, social and cultural circles of Barcelona and Madrid and international academic circles.

He is currently retired after 43 uninterrupted years as a professor at ESADE, he is the president of the FAD (Fomento de las Artes y el Diseño), executive vice president of the XVU (Red Vives de Universidades) and has recently been appointed emeritus professor by the Board of Governance of the URL at the proposal of ESADE.