José Alberto Simón Montesinos

Director of the FEEEL creative studio

formed by a multidisciplinary team focused on the 3d visualization of projects related to the world of Architecture, Interior Design, and Culture.

Degree in Higher Architecture from the University of Malaga and Master in Architettura

Digitale at the University IUAV di Venezia. Experience in the Architecture and Virtual Reality sector both in Spain, as in Italy and Austria. Architect specialized in the recreation in 3d of Architecture and Interior Design projects and in the development of Serious Games (training videogames).

Among his most important works include Architectural design projects and preparation of photorealistic infographics for studies of the Costa del Sol; virtual reality works for the 3d-Schmied studio in Graz (Austria); and the design and development of a serious VR game for the RSME and the Malaga University.