José Luis Borau.

Head of Build Environment Accessibility Department at Fundación ONCE.

He earned his Degree in Architecture from Universidad Politécnica de Madrid. His more tan 20 years of experience working in different accessibility fields within Fundación ONCE and its corporate group has spanned through different stages.

During this time, he has been consultant for different public and private entities in the implementation of actions in urban, architectural and natural areas. He has also been a member of different European standards committees as well as Master coordinator and lecturer, and speaker in several conferences and seminars on accessibility (heritage sites, protected natural areas, Design for All, etc.), both at national and international level.

Borau has also participated in different accessibility and Smart Human City projects (Colombia, Ecuador, Qatar, among others) and in a multitude of projects on accessibility in urban planning, building, transport, tourism and social policies. He is also author of different publications on different accessibility areas (natural areas, Design for All, labor environment, urban design, etc.).