José Miguel Luque Gómez

Director of ONCE (Spanish Organization for the Blind) in Málaga

Born in 1962 in Valle de Abdalajís, Málaga, José Miguel is an ONCE affiliate member since 1987. He started his professional career as salesman at Alora, being appointed Director at Pizarra the next year until 1993, when he became Director of ONCE at the Alora Agency.

From 1995 to 2005, José Miguel directed the ONCE in Ronda; responsible for the Commercial Unit at ONCE Málaga until 2009; head of the Game unit in Almería until 2011 and since then and head of the Game unit in Granada until 2015. Since then, José Miguel is Director of ONCE Málaga, which means being highly committed and having a special sensitivity to tourism and to accessibility as a key point for the economy and the development of Málaga city.

But it also means a commitment to make the tourism sector an engine for social integration and a generator of equal opportunities for the most vulnerable groups in society.

José Miguel essentially embodies the values of ONCE and ONCE Social Group, being those the passion for the defence of an ever better, fairer and more supportive society