Mahadevan P

Head of Operations for Benchmarking and Certification of Destinations

A post graduate in Tourism Management, he has twelve years of academic and administrative experience in tourism management. He has been Secretary of District Tourism in three districts under Kerala Tourism and part of more than twenty tourism projects and master plan development. Mr. Mahadevan has also been part of projects under WWF India, ICSSR etc. and has authored several academic text books and papers on tourism. He had been instrumental in successfully implementing unique projects in Accessible tourism and use of technologies in heritage transmedia interpretation.

Presently he is associated with ‘Susthira’ (Sustainable Tourism & Hospitality Innovation, Research & Accreditation) as Chief of Operations for Destination benchmarking & certification. A certified Auditor and Advisor of ‘Green Destinations’ (the Global Sustainable Tourism Council accredited certifier of tourism destinations) he is also the operations head in implementing ‘Green Destinations Awards & Certification Program’ in India. Actively involved in developing the standards, criteria and indicators for Indian destinations, he is also pursuing his doctoral research in the same thrust area.