Marienma I. Yagüe del Valle

Academic Secretary of the Faculty of Tourism at University of Malaga

Mariemma I. Yagüe is Doctor in Information Security and professor of the Computer Sciences Department at University of Málaga. She is the Academic Secretary of the Faculty of Tourism at University of Malaga, and main responsible for the Quality Assurance of the different degree and post-degree studies at the Faculty. From May 2016 until November 2018, she was the Academic Director of the bachelor’s degree programme on Tourism. At the present, she is also the Academic Director of the new official bachelor’s degree programme on Gastronomic Sciences and Hospitality Management at the Tourism Faculty of Malaga University. She has great experience on the organization of syllabi in the gastronomic and tourism area for specialized training and participates at many relevant gastronomy and tourism speeches. Lastly but not least, she is the Director of the Cátedra Fundación Mahou San Miguel and an active member of the Gastrocampus of Innovation .

Mariemma is member of i3t University Institute of Tourist Investigation, Intelligence and Innovation. Her main research interests are in the Smart Tourism area, and Gastronomic Tourism topics.