Natasa Rebernik

Position: PhD candidate. Faculty of Engineering University of Deusto

Bio: In 2008 she graduated in Community Engineering focusing on accessible public areas for wheelchair users, and in 2013 she defended her Master in Archaeology, by conducting a highly applicable interdisciplinary research on accessibility and inclusiveness of museological collections. Within the last 10 years she worked as a project manager and researcher in more than 20 national and international projects. As a PhD candidate at the University of Deusto, her current focus is the research called “A social cooperative monitoring tool for the production of inclusive public spaces”, specifically to fit the needs of disabled citizens. The research is grounded on Placemaking paradigm, Smart and Inclusive City concepts, and encompasses both the social and the digital dimension of the studied phenomena, using user-centred design, ethnography and behavioural mapping as core methodological approaches.