Pilar Soret Lafraya

Commercial Director at ILUNION Tecnología & Accesibilidad

Currently commercial director at ILUNION Tecnología & Accesibilidad, a company of the ONE social group specialized in 360º consulting services: social, technological and build environment.

Pilar has an extensive experience, more than 20 years, in accessibility projects, previously through associative movements and currently from a technical and management perspective, at ILUNION Tecnología & Accesibilidad.

Her previous professional development has been carried out in the field of tourism, from planning and consulting, implementing tourism development projects in several territories, and in the field of training, directing a professional tourism training center.

Among the projects carried out at ILUNION Tecnología & Accesibilidad, many of them deal with accessibility to culture in different spheres and territories from a multiple perspective, including content, technology, build environment and management.