Roberto Gómez de la Iglesia

Director of c2+i / Unlikely Connections

Roberto Gómez de la Iglesia, economist, manager and cultural mediator. He is the director of c2 + i / Improbable Connections, Hibridar para Innovar, an official partner of the New European Bauhaus. He works in the Creative Economy, promoting organizations in the cultural and creative sectors, developing innovative territories and also making other economic and social sectors more creative and innovative.

Diversity is at the base of his open and collaborative innovation meta-methodology.

He is also co-author and director of Kultursistema, a platform for the mapping, analysis and interpretation of cultural and creative ecosystems. He is the author and editor of different reference books on management and cultural policies, social economy or innovation. He is an invited international speaker for many different organizations, especially in Europe and Latin America. He is a professor of different Masters and Postgraduate courses, especially at the Complutense University of Madrid, the University of Córdoba (Argentina) and the University of Piura (Peru)

About my intervention: Diversity is the central value in the work of Improbable Connections. It is precisely the mutualisation of competences and theoretical incompetencies (as François Deck says) that makes it possible to develop open and collaborative innovation processes that generate more radical, disruptive results, but at the same time more personalized, sustainable and entrenched.

Our active role in the framework of the New European Bauhaus, for example with the conversation cycle What would Gropius do a century later? , is an indicator of how to work for a more sustainable, inclusive and beautiful environment from the creative field in conjunction with the rest of sectors and disciplines.