A unique experience in Accessibility and Universal Security offered by EMAC® Group, in collaboration with Fundación ONCE. A project that was born to raise awareness among the general public on the imperative need of having accessible roads both for blind people and for people with reduced visibility or mobility, in all types of facilities, buildings, commercial areas, etc.

This space, located in the Palacio de Ferias y Congresos de Málaga, will enable visitors to fully explore the Accessibility and Universal Security topics. Those brave enough to accept the ASU Challenge will have to walk through a path in the dark, just with a white cane. After that, they will have to walk another path, helped by a Universal Accessibility Tactile System, formed by tactile pavement (blisters and stripes) as an orientation and warning element in case of obstacles, rised areas without protection, etc.

An absolutely recommended experience. An action to raise awareness and reflect on the need and responsibility of the sector so that all buildings are Accessible and Safe for all people.