Tamara Agudo

Head of Technological Developments, Ilunion Hotels.

It is in the ONCE Business Corporation where I have developed my professional career. The social integration component and the size of the Corporation have provided an optimal setting for my professional development.

After various functional positions, in 2005, with my appointment as Head of Reception, I joined the team of hotel openings to collaborate in a strategic project that aimed to standardize the company following the planned expansion plan. In 2009 I took over the management of a hotel in Madrid and discovered the world of catering, personnel management, and enriching the administration with the AENOR certification in Universal Accessibility.

Throughout my professional career, I combined my collaboration with the corporate IT department at a time when we developed most of our applications, and my expertise in hotels allowed me to provide detailed functional requirements, set scopes that were very close to reality, participate in Go Live and provide training in the hotel. After management, in 2014, this technological feature was transformed into a corporate position of Technology Transformation and Innovation.

My exhaustive knowledge of the business and my vision of technology as an essential element for transformation shaped this organizational change. This new orientation allowed me to seek the necessary knowledge for project management at the EOI. Its Advanced Course in Project Management provided the required power to professionalize a recently created area.

In 2019 ILUNION Hotels completed two strategic milestones, the change of ERP that turned Oracle into a Partner by choosing its ERP Opera and was the first hotel chain to achieve the EFQM +500 seal. In line with ILUNION's four pillars: People, Transformation, Excellence, and Sustainability, ILUNION Hotels is reviewing its Strategic Plan, which determines its strategic objectives. The ILUNION Hotels Innovation Plan was designed as a reference for the evolution and change of the organization.


t: 667 173 900 | e: tagudo@ilunionhotels.com