Tatiana Martínez Ramos e Iruela

Cargo: Deputy Director General for Development and Sustainability under the Secretary of State for Tourism.

Bio: Tatiana Martínez Ramos e Iruela, Deputy Director General for Tourist Development and Sustainability, which depends directly on the State Secretariat for Tourism, will be part of the roundtable Strategies and Policies for Public Administrations in Technology and Tourism. She earned her law Degree from Universidad de Málaga and has a Master’s degree in Procedural Law from Universidad de Ciencias Jurídicas de Castilla-La Mancha and in International Development Cooperation from Escuela Diplomática and Universidad Autónoma de Madrid. She also has been adviser to AENA since 2014 and is a member of the Spanish State Council for Natural Heritage and Biodiversity and for the National Parks Patronage, Sierra de Guadarrama National Park.